Nicolas Hazard 
Founder of INCO

«Sprint is a unique network of incubators dedicated to entrepreneurs from the African continent who wish to combine entrepreneurial adventure, new technologies and positive social and environmental impact. It aims to promote their mobility, because it is from the exchange and sharing of experiences that great ideas are born. Sprint has also set  the objective of promoting itself through Sprint prizes, that reward, in each country, a particularly innovative start-up.»

Valérie Pécresse 
President of Île-de-France Region

«Committing to the future, we have to build together from one side of the Mediterranean to the other. This is extremely important. This is the interest of the SPRINT network, which starts from the entrepreneurial dynamics of African countries and the Ile de France Region to offer young African entrepreneurs access to the French and European market but also to our startups in the Ile de France region access to the African market.»

Chedly Bouallegue 

Governor of Tunis

Municipality of Tunis

Abdelkhalek Sayouda

Wali of Algiers

Wilaya of Algiers

Mustapha Bakkoury

President of Casablanca Region

Casablanca Region

Soham El Wardini

Mayor of Dakar

City of Dakar 

Robert Beugré Mambé

Abidjan District

Abidjan District Governor

Lalao Ravalomanana


City of Antananarivo

Ziad Chebib

Governor of Beirut

Municipality of Beirut

Hayk Marutyan


City of Erevan

Régis Labeaume


City of Québec