Winners of the 3rd edition of SPRINT award


TYEGRO-CI (Ivory Coast)

Koffi Jacques Olivier N’Guessan

TYEGRO-CI (The Yaletite Enterprise Group of Ivory Coast)

aims to fight against street bad conditions, encourage job creation for people in precarious situations, and fight against global warming. Its is a pioneer in Côte d'Ivoire in the production of synthetic leather made from pineapple leaves. Leather is mainly sold to stylists, cabinetmakers, and vehicle dealers, while biochar is mainly sold to small street shops and families.

E cover.png

E-Cover (Senegal)

Yaye Souadou Fall

In order to reduce pollution on the streets of Dakar, E-Cover has set up a system to upgrade used tyres into semi-finished products and construction materials.


Go Green In Style = GOGS (Madagascar)

Zanakolona Razafindratavy

Go Green In Style (GOGS) revalorizes waste paper used for printing, decoration, and fashion accessories.


To maximize its impact, GOGS cleans the recovered waste paper to remove all traces of ink that are harmful to health, and also transforms plastic bottles into yarn, which is then used for crochet or weaving.

Copie de logoo.png

Doumeign (MOROCCO)


Doumeign specializes in the production and sale of furniture products and accessories based on doum.


To do this, Doumeign relies on a cooperative of women craftswomen. Women are trained in specific weaving techniques and then hired as craftswomen within the cooperative.


REVADEX (Algeria)

Walid Hadjadj

REVADEX is a digital marketplace that facilitates the exchange of various types of recyclable waste through the connection between holders and generators of waste.


Sotunec (Tunisia)

Emna Ben Ali

Sotunec aims to meet the challenges of energy efficiency, reduce insecurity in districts without public lighting and offer an efficient and quality public lighting maintenance service.


SAS Minimum (France)

Marius Hamelot

SAS Minimum develops a revolutionary coating called Le Pavé that covers plastic waste from the environment and then recycles it over time in the form of flooring. Marius Hamelot is the young architect behind this idea.


Apaga (Armenia)

Mikhail Zamskoy

Apaga is a platform that brings together and rewards actors committed to a sustainable world. This platform facilitates the relationship between waste collectors and waste producers by allowing users to obtain discount coupons from partner organisations.

Compost Baladi.png

Compost Baladi (Lebanon)

Marc Aoun


Compost Baladi operates both consulting, training and management activities in adapted solutions for recycling and composting waste, on a large and medium scale.