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SPRINT is best described and understood through the stories of its members, all of whom are equally passionate about entrepreneurship and impact, whether it is environmental, social, cultural or creative.


How did our members initiate this change? This is what we will discover through the portrait of some of the network's members.


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Advice to entrepreneurs

Persevere and above all keep a focus that cannot be shaken. 

Hayk Mnatsakanyan, member of StartDoon- Yerevan, Armenia


A Franco-Armenian bridge, necessary for Armenian entrepreneurial development

After living in France for 10 years, Hayk Mnatsakanyan and Phillipe Poux, an expert in the IT sector, have launched the development of the StartDoon incubator, with the desire to keep a foot both in Armenia and in France.

StartDoon, an incubator aiming at the development of an ecosystem

The Armenian entrepreneurial ecosystem still faces a number of challenges, the few tangible successes of startups, although accompanied, as well as the weakness of their international development. 

Thus, more than a simple accompaniment, Stardoon aims at developing an ecosystem and certain standards allowing a sustainable change for Armenia, and at the end, a sustainable development of startups.

Incubation is a matter of positioning and specialization

Developing an incubator in Armenia means: not to disperse, not to carry out the work of the startup but to develop an environment profitable to its evolution and to be aware of the potential failure of the startup.

What is next ?

To act as an ecosystem developer, not a service provider.


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Advice to entrepreneurs

Preserve and never give up: failure is part of the entrepreneur's life.

Meriem Cherni, founder of Bee You - Tunis, Tunisia


The trigger 

Overworked in her job in the oil industry, Meriem reached a point of no return and remembered her summers in the countryside: giving meaning to her life became her leitmotiv. Meriem decided to devote herself to the protection of bees, after having become aware of their indispensable role.

Choosing agriculture when you are a woman

As a city dweller, Meriem chose to carry out an activity described as "men's work" in the countryside. It was not easy to be accepted at first, she had to impose herself. Meriem chose to work only with women. To overcome these challenges, Meriem is constantly training and has integrated networks of entrepreneurs and women who have shared their solutions with her.

Bee you, responsible beekeeping

Bee you are ecological products, a respect for the hive and the bees thanks to the use of traditional beekeeping techniques but also the implementation of sophisticated tools, such as the "Smart Bees" chips which allow to follow with precision the activity of the hives. Honey, delicacies, home products, cosmetics... sare some of the many products of Bee You.

What is next ?

To improve the quality of the honey, to continue to innovate in terms of practices, to increase the visibility and widen the range of products, to develop her online training platform and to set up a women's group.

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